Astrophotography or astronomical photography is a wonderful discipline that unites the extraordinary universe of astronomy with the exciting world of digital photography to portray the most spectacular images of the Moon, the Sun, the planets, the stars, nebulae and galaxies.

Astrophotography is a mix between photography and amateur astronomy that consists in the photographic capture of images of celestial bodies.

The use of photography in deep sky astronomy has a number of advantages over direct observation, in that the photographic emulsion, exposed for a sufficiently long time, is also impressed by visible radiation of too weak an intensity to be perceived by the human eye, even with the aid of powerful telescopes.

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Planetary Astrophotography

Planetary astrophotography encompasses photographs of the Moon, the Sun (with filter) and the planets.

To photograph solar system objects you will need an astronomical telescope and a smartphone adapter or T-ring to attach your SLR camera to the telescope.

Deep Sky Astrophotography

To photograph the Orion nebula, the Andromeda galaxy or the Pleiades it is necessary to do deep sky astrophotography.

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